Utopia’s afterlives

Thomas More
Section of the latest issue of Utopian Studies on translation history of Thomas More’s Utopia

The latest issue of Utopian Studies, commemorating the 500th anniversary of the publication of Thomas More’s Utopia, has a section entitled “Translations: Utopia‘s Afterlives”. This section brings together a set of articles on the history of the translation of Utopia and the reception of the text around the world. The book was originally published in 1519 in Latin. The articles of this special issue focus on translations into German, Italian, Czech, Portuguese and Turkish, and the publication history of Utopia in the US.


“The World Begins in Man”: A Brief and Selected History of Translations of Utopia into German
Nicole Pohl

Italian Translations and Editions of Thomas More’s Libellus vere aureus
Paola Spinozzi

Thomas More in America
Annette M. Magid

The “Czech-In” of Thomas More’s Utopia
Pavla Veselá

Portuguese Translations of Thomas More’s Utopia
Fátima Vieira

Utopia’s Turkish Translations and Utopianism in Turkish Literature
Emrah Atasoy

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Utopian Studies, Volume 27, Number 3, 2016, Special Issue: On the Commemoration of the Five Hundredth Anniversary of Thomas More’s Utopia—Part II, guest-edited by Fátima Vieira.


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