Translation and cultural mobility

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Theme announced for 2018 IATIS conference, Hong Kong

The 6th conference of the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS) will take place on 3-6 July 2018 at Hong Kong Baptist University.


The theme of “Translation and Cultural Mobility” may be understood in a broad sense to cover issues arising from the study and practice of translation in its different forms (from interpreting to film adaptation to cultural translation) and in a wide variety of contexts, including those concerning commerce, colonization, exile, emigration, travel and technology.

Related thematic areas include, but are not limited to the following:

Models of mobility in translation and intercultural studies
Translation and the problematics of nationalism
Censorship and other barriers to cultural mobility
Translation and the promotion of diversity, tolerance and respect for difference
Translation and commerce
Translation and colonization
Translation and travel
Translation and minorities

Translation between ethnic groups
Translation, technology and cultural mobility
Translation and multiculturalism
Translation and intercultural encounters
Translation, cultural mobility, and the writing of history
Interpreting as intervention in intercultural relations
Innovative practices in cultural translation
The ethics and politics of cultural translation
Translation in a multilingual society
The translator’s roles, identities and networks


Proposals are invited for panels and workshops.

Panels are groups of papers organized around a particular theme. Panel themes should ideally be related to the overall conference theme. However, in some cases, panels may be built around their own independent themes. This applies in particular to panels that have become established through previous IATIS conferences.

Proposals for panels should take the form of one or two paragraphs (approx. 300 words) establishing the rationale for a panel, a succinct statement of the aims of the panel, and a list of specific issues that intending contributors might address.

The Call for Papers for approved panels and the general conference will be issued after panel proposals acceptance. Individual submissions of abstracts for approved panels will be made through the EasyChair conference management system, and will be assessed by the panel convenors.

Workshops take place directly preceding the main conference, and are designed to be training sessions on a topic of interest to conference attendees. They are expected to be of relevance to teaching and professional development, with a special emphasis on the learning or development of new skills. Workshops are normally scheduled to last 4 hours (breaks included).

Proposals for workshops should be around 300 words, and should provide a rationale for the workshop and a succinct statement of its aims, as well as a list of specific issues and learning activities that may be covered.


Deadline for submissions of panel and workshop proposals: 1 March 2017
Submit via email to:

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