Scientific and Technical Translation

Scientific and Technical Translation book cover
New book for MA courses on specialised translation and self-study

This new coursebook

  • Introduces readers to the typical contexts in which scientific and technical translators work;
  • Shows how corpus resources can be used for terminological and phraseological research;
  • Considers how translation technologies are employed in technical and scientific translation;
  • Explains a range of technical and scientific genres and their translation.

Including a wide range of relevant tasks and activities, examples from the most commonly taught language pairs and a glossary of key terms, this is the essential textbook for modules on scientific and technical translation and specialised translation.

This book focuses on texts that are typically translated in scientific and technical domains, including technical instructions, data sheets and brochures, patents, scientific research articles and abstracts, popular science press releases and news reports.


For its selection, sequencing, treatment, and pedagogical method, Scientific and Technical Translation opens new ground in translator training for situated practice. The guide both delves ‘vertically’ and surveys ‘horizontally’, contextualizing process and procedural knowledge in the varied roles and discursive environments in which translations are carried out and used. This work heralds the age of the authentic textbook exploring authentic problems, genres, and scenarios in key scientific and technical domains.

–Kelly Washbourne, Kent State University, USA

Provides an excellent resource for both self-study and any higher-education programme in which scientific and/or technical translation is taught. Personally, I certainly cannot wait to use it in my classroom next year.

–Sofia Malamatidou, inTRAlinea, Vol. 18

The combination of interdisciplinary research, real-world examples drawn from professional practice and large-scale corpora, and the numerous learning activities found in this book equips students and translators with the knowledge and skills needed to get started in this challenging field. […]

Scientific and Technical Translation is indeed an impressive ‘source book’ for any higher education programme in which technical or scientific translation is taught as a core or elective course between English and any other language, but it can also serve well as a self-study resource for translators who have little training or experience in scientific or technical translation.

–Hua Song, The Interpreter and Translator Trainer

To find out more

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Review by Sofia Malamatidou in InTRAlinea, 2016 [open access].

Review by Hua Song in The Interpreter and Translator Trainer, Vol 10, No 3, 2016.

Review by Sue Ellen Wright in Journal of Specialised Translation, Issue 17, 2017 [open access].

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