Introducing Corpora in Translation Studies

Introducing Corpora in Translation Studies book cover
Widely used reference for corpus-based translation studies

The use of corpora in translation studies, both as a tool for translators and as a way of analysing the process of translation, is growing. This book provides a much-needed assessment of how the analysis of corpus data can make a contribution to the study of translation.

Introducing Corpora in Translation Studies

  • traces the development of corpus methods within translation studies
  • defines the types of corpora used for translation research, discussing their design and application and presenting tools for extracting and analysing data
  • examines research potential and methodological limitations
  • considers some uses of corpora by translators and in translator training
  • features research questions, case studies and discussion points to provide a practical guide to using corpora in translation studies.


“Olohan’s main achievement, in my view, consists in offering a balanced view of what can and cannot be achieved with this methodology; a view that is critical, constructive and informative. It is exactly this kind of thoughtful reflection and forward thinking that are needed in order to advance a field.”  

Gabriela Saldanha (2005) The Translator 11(1): 104-9.

This book is truly an excellent resource […] The three particular strengths I shall focus on are: the level of reflection and critical stance toward the subject, the wealth of empirical work reported, and the illustration of exemplary science.” — Sandra Halverson (2007) Target 18(1): 186-19.

“Summing up, I enjoyed reading the book, and as a false beginner in corpus-based TS, I learned a lot from it. It is easy to agree with the opinions on the back cover that this is a much-needed book and a useful guide on corpora in TS.”

Pál Heltai (2005) Across Languages and Cultures 6(2): 267-72

Olohan’s book will, no doubt, be a ‘must read’ not just among  researchers in translation studies interested in corpus methods, but also among corpus linguists interested in translation.” — Annelie Ädel  (2005) The Linguist List.

“Maeve Olohan’s Introducing Corpora in Translation Studies is an intelligent and lucid overview of an area of research that is growing in prominence in Translation Studies.”

Jeremy Munday (2006) The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory 14(1): 195-208

To find out more

Olohan, Maeve (2004) Introducing Corpora in Translation Studies, London and New York: Routledge.

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