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Latest schedule of research seminars by invited speakers

The Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies (CTIS) at the University of Manchester, UK, invites researchers to present their latest work in an annual series of seminars covering a wide range of topics.

Attendance is open to all, no registration necessary.

Semester 1

Thursdays, 14:00 to 15:20, Crawford House, Lecture Theatre 1

13 October
Is Translating Like Riding a Bike? Knowledge, knowing and translation practice
Maeve Olohan, University of Manchester

20 October
Conceptualising Cultures in Transcultural Communication: From essentialism to complexity
Will Baker, University of Southampton

27 October
New Knowledge, Better Knowledge?: Translating Homosexuality into Chinese in Republican China (1911-1945)
Ting Guo, Exeter University

10 November
‘Politics is a task of translation’: Translation and the evolution of the Spanish Left after the 15M/Indignados
Fruela Fernandez, Newcastle University

17 November
Becoming a Faithful Interpreter: The story of Jacobus Ly and the 1793 Macartney embassy to China
Henrietta Harrison, University of Oxford

24 November
Interpreter Mediated Questioning of Minors (ImQM): From theory to practice, from research to society
Heidi Salaets, University of Leuven

1 December
The Translator as the Central Figure – a realistic or an idealistic model?
Helle V. Dam and Karen Zethsen, Aarhus University

Semester 2

Thursdays, 14:00 to 15:20, Auditorium, St Peters House

9 February
Fiction as a Source of Knowledge for Translation Studies
Klaus Kaindl, University of Vienna

16 February
What Do Users Think? Exploring the reception of non-professional subtitling
David Orrego-Carmona, University of the Free State and Aston University

23 February
Don’t Mind the Gap: Using Technology to Empower English L2 Translators
Frank Austermühl, Aston University

2 March
Monolingual Performances and Multilingual Selves: Rethinking the translation continuum
Loredana Polezzi, Cardiff University

9 March
African Literature and the Post-capitalist Imaginary: Reading Tram 83
Ruth Bush, University of Bristol

16 March
Translating Voices in GBV Documentaries
Charlotte Bosseaux, University of Edinburgh

23 March
The Impact of Machine Translation on Translators: Perception vs. Reality
Joss Moorkens, Dublin City University

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